Bollywood Double Meaning Songs

26+ Bollywood Double Meaning Songs [Hindi]

We can’t deny the fact that Bollywood never fails to entertain. But the entertainment is not just limited to the movies, the music does its job too. You might have heard over a thousand...
Radhika Apte Short Films

5 Radhika Apte Short Films You Must Watch [New List]

Radhika Apte is an Indian Film Actress who started her work as a theatre artist. She hails from Pune. Radhika has done films in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Marathi.She is widely...
Bollywood sex comedy film

Top 9+ Adult Comedy Movies of Bollywood

The Indian film industry stands firm when it comes to making movies of all genres. And it has always shone in the genre of humor. As we grow up and enter our teenage, we...

List of 5 Academy Award (Oscar) winners from India

The prestigious Academy Awards also named as the Oscars, honor's the most talented artists of the movie industry across the globe. There are numerous people who dream to receive the Oscar once in their lifetime but...
Matrikas Film School India

13 Best Film Schools in India

When it comes to the entertainment industry, India is a hub of talent.  These days luck is not the only thing which settles one in this industry. One needs to gather enough skills to...

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