List of Film Industries in India (Based on Languages)

When it comes to the Indian film industry, every Indian is quite familiar and acquainted with Bollywood. But the unfortunate part is that Bollywood is the one and only Indian film industry to their knowledge.

Film Industries in India Based on Languages (Cinema of India)

But no worries, we are here! CineJagat brings you the list of all the film industries in the Indian sub-continent distinctly based on the languages.

List of Film Industries in India Based on Languages

Assamese Film Industry

The Assamese Cinema was born in 1935 when Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala released his first movie, ‘Joymati‘ under the banner of Critrakala Movietone.

With movies by Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Jahnu Barua the cinema began to grow gradually but couldn’t make it to the national screen despite its regional appreciation.

Badaga Film Industry

The Badaga Cinema is originated and based in Tami Nadu, India. Despite a more famous South Indian cinema, it has been working in shadows but couldn’t work out much with only four movies that came out.

Bengali Film Industry

As the name suggests, the cinema situates in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The industry doesn’t have a large gross box office but is well appreciated on the grounds of celebrating art and culture through the movies that it produces. And it is backed up by the diverse art and artists in the Bengali history.

Bhojpuri Film Industry

Situated in Uttar Pradesh, parts of Bihar and Madhesh, the Bhojpuri cinema is known for its touch of humor. The movies are considered to be sarcastically great. Though the regional audience is and will always be a big fan.

Surprisingly, some Bhojpuri songs have managed to gather national attention with their funky and humorous style.

Chhattisgarhi Film Industry

Chhattisgarhi Cinema, or we shall say ‘Chhollywood”, is the cinema situated in the state of Chattisgarh.

The cinema began in 1965 when its first filmKahi Debe Sandesh’ came out in the market. However, it faced a downfall as no movie was made until 2000. And after that, the cinema is trying to grow and expand its reach.

Dogri Film Industry

The Dogri Cinema refers to the Dogri language which is primarily spoken in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and parts of Punjab.

The Dogri Cinema began with the release of its first movie in the year 1996. Since then, only a few movies were made and received critical acclaim.

Gujarati Film Industry

The Gujarati Cinema, associated with the Gujarati language is considered to have a huge base in the list of Indian film industries.

The cinema has produced more than a thousand movies since its origin and is loved not just by the regional audience, but by people beyond their region.

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Haryanvi Film Industry

The cinema is based in the state of Haryana. Haryanvi is a language that strikes attention to a lot of people, because of its different and appealing style.

The cinema began in 1968 with its first filmDharti.’ Since then, quite a few films were made to ensure its continuation, and the cinema flourished in the North-Central region of India.

Hindi Film Industry

The Hindi Film Industry, more famous with the name of Bollywood, is the most famous and watched in India. It is considered to have the most viewership all over the world.

Bollywood has reached way beyond its regional levels, breaking international records and making dreams come true. The biggest industry India has seen.

Jharkhand Film Industry

Regionally referred to as ‘Jollywood,’ the cinema is situated in the state of Jharkhand.

The first feature film that came was in 1994 when the Cinema began, and the movie was ‘Sona Kar Nagpur.’ Since then, the Cinema is moving towards slow development.

Konkani Film Industry

The Konkani Cinema is based on the Konkan language in the state of Kerala. As of 2013, a total of 45 feature films were released in the Konkani Cinema.

There was an element of surprise when the Konkani film Paltadcho Manis was included in the world’s best movies list of 2009.

The cinema is slowly evolving with more regional audience starting to appreciate it.

Kosli Film Industry

The Kosli Cinema, associated with the Kosli language is situated in the state of Odisha.

The cinema emerged when its first feature film was out in 1989 which was ‘Bhukha.’ The film received an International Jury Award at the Gijon International Film Festival. The cinema is slow in its progress and is only able to flatter the local audience.

Marathi Film Industry

Quite understandably, the cinema is set in the state of Maharashtra.

With the population of Maharashtra itself being large enough to constitute a large audience, the cinema has flourished and is backed by the presence of famous actors in the city of Mumbai itself which help in promoting the Marathi film Industry.

Cinema of Manipur

The Cinema of Manipur is informally called ‘Maniwood’ by the regional people.

The Manipur cinema is said to be born in the year 1972 when its first filmMatamgi Manipur’ came out in the industry. Gradually, the industry began to expand and has now reached a yearly production of 40-50 films.

Cinema of Odisha

The Odia cinema has a long and diverse history. Informally called Ollywood, the film industry is based in the state of Odisha.

Filmmaking in Odisha began in the year 1936 with the making of the movie ‘Sita Bibaha’ drawn from the epic ‘Ramayana.’ And after that, the industry slowly tightened its grip in the Indian subcontinent.

Punjabi Film Industry

Based in the state of Punjab, the Punjabi Cinema is most commonly identified and appreciated for its songs with the inter-mixing of modern music arousing satisfaction in people.

However, the Punjabi cinema earlier had a Pakistani touch, as the films were influenced by it. In fact, the first film was released in Lahore. The Industry then expanded at a fast rate and continued to do so.

Rajasthani Film Industry

The Rajasthani has its stand in the North-western parts of India and is made in the Rajasthani language. The cinema began with its first filmNazrana’ in June 1942.

In the midst of this, the cinema had an influence on the very famous Rajasthani music which usually leaves an impact on everyone. And thence, the cinema began to expand like the others, and regional applause is what is highly receives.

South-Indian Film Industry

The cinema of south-India, which comprises of the languages Kannada(Sandalwood), Tamil(Kollywood), Telugu(Tollywood), and Malayalam are said to have the biggest hold on the Indian industry after Bollywood.

The fun part is, some stories are excellent and are remade in Bollywood. The cinema is loved across India and is influenced by the presence of some of the greatest actors like Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan.

So, these are the film industries that exist in India other than Bollywood. It’s great to watch Bollywood movies, but the nation is overshadowed by it as well.

These film industries might fail to get themselves national recognition and appreciation, but they have made some excellent movies that are a must-watch. Now, it’s your turn to explore.