14+ Best Gujarati Movies that you should watch!

List of Best Gujarati films

Regional cinema holds a special place in our hearts. One such trend has been set by Gujarati movies recently. Urban Gujarati movies have given a long pause to the stereotypical mindless romances, double-meaning comedies.
Best Urban Gujarati Films

Gujarati Cinema or Gujarati Film Industry of this genre are being appreciated very well by the youth. It is being recognized not only in Gujarat, but it’s making its way on the map of the western & central region of the country as well.

Here’s the list of Top 14+ Best Urban Gujarati  movies that you shouldn’t afford to miss:

1. Hu Tu Tu(2016): Directed by a female director, Shital Shah. This movie gave us not only an impressive Gujarati film but also a talented director. Based on the theme of Sensex and the trading of commodity market this movie didn’t fail to impress us.
Hu Tu Tu Gujarati Movie

The director did a commendable job of presenting an idea that’s so nuanced.

2. Aapne To Dhirubhai(2014): Simple, sweet and super funny. This Gujarati movie is a story of a man who drops out from his college to become as successful as Dhirubhai Ambani. But the hell breaks loose when he starts his business, and his ideas turn into chaos.
Aapne To Dhirubhai Film
3. Saptapadii(2013): One of the boldest movie Gujarati cinema has ever noticed. Produced by Amitabh Bachchan Corporation, this story tells about a woman who puts her 20 years married life on stake just to do what she believes in.
Saptapadii Movie

This movie received widespread financial as well as critical acclaim.

4. Whisky is Risky (2014): Story of 6 different characters who are leading their lives differently. But the twist happens when an incident takes place which gets all of them connected with it.
Gujarati Film Whisky is Risky
5. Romance Complicated (2016): This Gujarati movie is about a boy-next-door who agrees to do a favor for his father’s friend, by dropping his daughter to the US. Things turn nasty when he falls in love with her.
Romance Complicated Gujarati Movie
6. Vitamin She (2017): This Gujarati movie unfolds the story of a guy name Jigar who believes that the love of his life is his Vitamin and falls madly in love with her. But things turn bad when they start having misunderstandings and fights over petty issues.
Vitamin She Gujarati Film

The story is all about how he manages to understand the importance of love, relationships and understanding each other. A must watch for all the couples out there.

7. Happy Familyy Pvt. Ltd (2013): Based on an intelligence script, this Gujarati film tells a very simple message of how life can be lovable. This movie also teaches us that we all can stay united without the ruckus of money.

Happy Familyy Pvt. Ltd Gujarati Fim

8. Chello Divas (2015): This Gujarati movie revolves around the story of eight friends who grow up together and face the highs and lows of love, relationships, job, independence.

Chhello Divas - A New Beginning
The story is all about how they face difficulties and rise above it. One of best Gujarati Comedy Movie on College life.

9. Thai Jashe (2016): This story is about a man from a middle-class family of a small town. The story shows his journey when he arrives at the metro-city of Ahmedabad.
Thai Jashe Gujarati Film

His journey depicts the daily life struggles and obstacles that come between him and his dreams to become successful.

10. Bey Yaar (2014): The story is about two best friends and their will to earn a lot of money in a short span of time.

But things turn nasty when they blindly choose the wrong path to earn money and loose their pride, self-respect and put themselves in jeopardy in the process.
Bey Yaar Gujarati Movie
11. Bas Ek Chance (2015): This is a story of a man who’s a passionate film-maker. The movie depicts his journey to question the society and his struggle to change the stereotypes and change the world.
Gujarati Film Bas Ek Chance 12. Sex Education (2017): With its gutsy plot and bold script, this movie is a teacher who wants to educate children about sex education. The twist comes when one of the parent’s questions this practice and discourages the guy in doing something right.
Sex Education Gujarati Movie
13. Patang (2011): Led by the talented Nawazudin Siddiqui, this Gujarati flick is a Delhi-based businessman who returns to his childhood home on the occasion of the kite festival. The story takes the pace when he faces people out there.

Patang Gujarati Film
The story beautifully shows his effort of trying to patch up relationships that he ruined years ago.

14. Gujjubhai The Great (2015): This Gujarati film is about a family who’s happy in their world. Things take a turn when the protagonist’s daughter brings up her boyfriend, Montu to their home.

The series of events turn into a cat-mouse chase when the family has to accept Montu.
Gujjubhai The Great Gujarati Movie
15. Polam Pol (2016): This story is about two struggling actors who get a wonderful opportunity to work on a movie project. This tales unfolds their experiences and their journey in the process of film-making.
Polam Pol Gujarati Movie

Well well, how many Gujarati Movies have you watched from above list?

Hopefully, this list of some of the best Gujarati movies will act as a perfect travel guide for your journey to Gujarati films.